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At Nashville Humane Association, we are committed to finding responsible homes, controlling pet overpopulation and promoting the humane treatment of animals.

Nashville Humane Association recognizes the incredible impact that media can provide to help raise awareness to our mission, providing the public with a window which they can learn and connect through. We recognize the media’s power to stimulate change and we appreciate the interest of broadcast and online news programs, print publications, authors, documentary film makers and students who wish to help educate the public. Our goal is to make information easily accessible to media outlets looking to focus needs of the pet residents at Nashville Humane Association and our community outreach programs.

For Inquiries regarding media interviews, feature stories, photo shoots or documentaries – please fill out and submit the online request form below. We will review your request and notify you of our ability to take part.

  Thank you for your support! 


Media Request Form

  • Requests for Photos or Video shots to be reproduced in print or online please refer to our Copyright License Agreement which outlines the one time use agreement. Nashville Humane Association retains full ownership of all images and copyright materials. Agreements are for one time use unless otherwise specified.


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