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Help us care for the little ones!

PAWS Atlanta

PAWS Atlanta


Honey was abandoned at our gate with a belly full of babies ready to give birth any minute. She was emaciated and pregnant with eleven puppies. Two PAWS team members took her so she could give birth in comfort. Because of YOU, we fed her, cared for her, and assisted her in the birth of eleven beautiful babies.

Honey and our team took great care of her pups. After all eleven puppies were weaned, many fosters stepped up so her pups wouldn’t experience shelter life. Now these little ones are spoiled rotten and Honey is patiently waiting her turn.

Honey’s pups are just one example. In late spring, we are overwhelmed by litters of unwanted puppies and kittens. These abandoned babies place a tremendous strain on our already-stretched resources. Their veterinary care is costly and they require constant monitoring because they are susceptible to diseases. It takes a lot of time, attention, and money to prepare these precious babies for permanent homes.

We can’t continue without you. Will you do your part to care for the little ones?